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The Importance of Pre-Employment Testing

Employers, especially those from large companies, often have big pools of applicants. This can become a problem in the hiring process, so a way to make the process more manageable has been formed. Pre-employment testing is a way for employers to gather relevant data from applicants. This way, they can filter those who are qualified and those who are not.

Qualified can be a complicated word, as different employers have different sets of qualifications. For this reason, different kinds of pre-employment tests are also utilized.

Common Forms of Pre-Employment Testing

Cognitive Tests: This kind of tests measures the mental capabilities of applicants, particularly in the aspects of critical thinking and problem solving.

Skills Tests: This can be in written or practical form. It involves questions and tasks relevant to the position an applicant is applying for. It is used to measure the capability and potential of the applicant in delivering the tasks relevant to the job.

Personality Tests: Sometimes, pre-employment tests also try to identify the personality of the applicant, so the employer can know how the applicant can perform on the job and how he or she can cope with co-workers.

Physical Ability Tests: There are jobs that are inherently demanding physically, so the applicants must prove that they have the physical capability of performing the tasks of the position they are applying for. These tests may measure strength, agility, and other bodily factors.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-employment testing is beneficial to both employer and applicant. For the employer’s side, testing may help save time by easily identifying those who will most likely perform well on the job and filtering out those who will most likely do not.

Testing for employment may be a hassle for an applicant, but this can help him in assessing his own strengths and weaknesses. Also, he may avoid getting jobs where he can be incompetent, opening the opportunity of finding better jobs elsewhere.

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